The Founder's 45 Invitation

We decided to begin activities to build the 2Trilm360Passport platform with the "Cosmic Art & Ideas" show at the St. Julien summer 2019  because this 'passport' offers participants a combination of benefits in the realms of business success, community quality and cultural fun. The Daily Camera did a wonderful feature story for our opening. I hope the following brief 'passport' description will give you enough understanding to begin a short meeting for discussing/designing a custom 'passport' program for you!

1) Founder's 45 Group Assisted Advertising: Our initial 2Trilm360Passport will offer savings, gifts & surprises from 45 of the best restaurants, spa/salons, fitness/yoga/health centers, microbreweries, etc in Boulder County. Each founding 'passport' sponsor will be paid for their 'special deals' chosen by each 'passport' buyer. Plus, this '45 Best of Boulder Group' will receive one dollar from every passport sold as we grow in Colorado and 'beyond'. Core cost of the passport is $360 yearly. Special packages for travel specials, film/music festivals, favorite restaurants, etc can be added.

2) All 'passport' owner's will receive added benefits from attending 'passport' sponsored 2-hour community "Cosmic Ideas&Community of Friends" events and will also receive $90 from each referral 'passport' buyer. Our "Cosmic Ideas&Community of Friends" events will be entertaining and 'awesome'!

In closing, I am a doctor who has treated over 30,000 patients in Boulder County and am now writing novels for screen play development which depict the wonderful possibilities we humans have on Earth if we 'get with it' and start helping and caring about each other. The 2Trilm360Passport has the leveraging power to make you money while advertising your business and improve human relationships, nature and our children's future. We all begin from one blueprint cell which forms our body of hundreds of trillions of cells in nine months! We are designed to do amazing exploration if we 'just think' together.

We are forming a fantastic team are invited to consider 'testing' the experience.

Let's schedule a 15 minute meeting at the St. Julien or at your business to design a plan? Soon!

Yes, contact me to schedule a meeting regarding the 2Trilm360Passport Founders' 45 Group.

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