We have made it to the moon.

July 21, 2019

Fifty years later on the exact date of the first moon steps in 1969, "Cosmic Art & Ideas" initiated the beginning of the 2Trilm360 Passport which is a tool for achieving a higher quality of culture, community, and business success in Boulder County and beyond.

Learn how you and your company can receive a quantum leap of benefit!

How can we make it on Earth?

“It's better to know some of the questions than all of the answers."
By James Thurber

“One's destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.”
By Henry Miller


Own a passport filled with happy hour specials
and your dreams becoming reality!

And...Who is Dr. Wolff?

Begin your unforgettable journey into a new realm of benefit available to each owner of the

Let's all support Boulder County's Best!

Learn how the 2Trilm360° Passport can leverage your revenue growth through our expanding business network of passport friends.

Whether you place your product or service into our passport or just refer friends to the 2Trilm360° Passport, you can share in the magical mitosis of our business model!

Give $30 or $60 Gift Packages Worth Much More!

Leave your contact info below to have a Passport Professional make an appointment with you to discuss all the benefits of being a 2Trilm360° Passport Owner.


Click Dr. Wolff to buy your 2Trilm360° Passport for less than one dollar per day!

Wildfire! NEWS will keep you informed about all the benefits, options and fun available to you as an Adventus360°Fund participant or a 2Trilm360°Passport owner.

Presently, our Adventus360°Fund can grow and help people in the small business community who have had their income stream slowed or stopped due to the COVID-19 viral emergency. And, as well as financial support for people in need right now, our founding group is fostering a network of caring, common-sense-thinking friends -- a most important resource for everyone!

As the future unfolds, the
Adventus360°Fund team and 2Trilm360°Passport advertising strategy will be a synergistic force for jump-starting small business growth with resources and friends connecting to create a better quality of community. Wildfire! NEWS will offer a transparent flow of testimonials from recipients of our fund and network resources. Plus, our participants can have special spots to inform readers about their business and meaningful ideas.
 All our pasts are filled with lessons ranging from wonderful to very difficult. Let's begin now in spring with the Adventus360°Fund platform of caring people to write a history that will inspire us to achieve all of the potential that our wisdom can bring humankind.

 Please contact us at
[email protected] to schedule a discussion with founders: Dr. Jon & Bijan.

Our passport sponsors realize now is the time to truly help each person achieve a balanced quality life surrounded by a community of friends!

For less than one dollar per day, your 2Trilm360° Passport gives you access to free offers and savings on products and services we love to explore!

  • Microbrews, drink & food specials
  • Health services & products
  • Books & film
  • Cutting edge coaching & education
  • Art & music & writing events
  • And more & more...

And...Who is Dr. Wolff?

Dr. Wolff is a fictional character in the IJustKnowLove360° novel series, who “randomly” begins a mystical journey on Earth when he enters the life of Miss Kati Hunter while running on the Boulder Creek Path. The couple’s resulting adventure portrays the thriving future we can achieve on our precious world now.

Wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share. Wolf is loyal, with a deep sense of family, yet still has a strong individualistic urge.

Wolf is represented by Sirius, the Dog Star. Legend tells us it was the original home of the Ancient Ones. This is the medicine of listening to your inner voice, your intuition and the ability to share your knowledge with others.

If you are a novelist, professional writer or just someone who writes for fun, you are invited to join our "Writer's Entourage" event series.

Each 2Trilm360° Passport owner will receive a signed copy of the IJustKnowLove360° novel series which leads to the creation of the 2Trilm360° Passport as a tool for improving our lives!

"Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it."
-Norman McLean

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